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The foundation program is a pathway that offers several benefits for individuals aiming to become degree holders, especially for those who have not completed advanced level examinations in Sri Lanka. This program serves as an alternative route to gain admission into a degree program and provides a solid foundation of knowledge and skills necessary for higher education.


Access to Higher Education:


The foundation program enables students who have not passed their advanced level examinations to enter universities and pursue a degree. It opens up opportunities for those who may have faced challenges or difficulties in the traditional educational system.


Academic Preparation:

The foundation program ensures that students are equipped with the fundamental knowledge and skills required for higher education. It covers subjects related to their chosen field of study, including mathematics, science, language skills, and social sciences, providing a comprehensive academic base.


Smooth Transition:

By completing a foundation program, students can make a smoother transition into a degree program. They become familiar with the university environment, teaching methods, and expectations, which can reduce the challenges faced by students entering higher education directly from school.


Flexibility and Time-saving:

Foundation programs often have shorter durations compared to a full-fledged advanced level program. This allows students to save time and enter the job market or pursue further studies at an earlier stage, providing a more efficient educational pathway.


In Sri Lanka, the qualification value of a foundation program may vary depending on the institution and the specific degree program chosen. However, in general, foundation programs are recognized and accepted by universities across the country. Upon successful completion of the program, students receive a certification that qualifies them for entry into a relevant degree program at partnering universities.


Luxway Campus offers a foundation program for Business and IT, in partnership with UGC Recognized Partners. The foundation program provided by Luxway Campus holds value both in Sri Lanka and internationally for several reasons:


UGC Recognition:

The fact that Luxway Campus operates in collaboration with UGC Recognized Partners ensures that the foundation program meets the standards and guidelines set by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Sri Lanka. This recognition adds credibility and validates the quality of education provided.


Accredited Curriculum:

 The foundation program at Luxway Campus is designed to equip students with the essential knowledge and skills needed for further studies in Business and IT disciplines. The curriculum is developed in line with industry requirements and academic standards, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded education.


Pathway to Degree Programs:

Luxway Campus offers a clear pathway for students to progress from the foundation program to degree programs. Upon successful completion of the foundation program, students are eligible to apply for relevant degree programs at partnering universities. This provides a seamless transition and saves students from the traditional route of advanced level examinations.


Relevance to Industry Demands:

Luxway Campus focuses on providing education in the fields of Business and IT, which are in high demand both in Sri Lanka and globally. By offering a foundation program specifically tailored to these disciplines, Luxway Campus prepares students for the skills and knowledge required in the modern workforce, enhancing their employability prospects.


International Recognition:

The value of the foundation program extends beyond Sri Lanka, as Luxway Campus aims to provide education that is internationally recognized. The curriculum is designed to align with global standards, allowing students to pursue further education or seek employment opportunities outside Sri Lanka with confidence.


It’s important to note that the recognition and value of a foundation program also depend on the reputation and accreditation of the partnering universities. Luxway Campus’s collaboration with UGC Recognized Partners ensures that the degrees obtained from these universities are well-regarded within Sri Lanka and often carry international recognition.


Prospective students considering the foundation program at Luxway Campus can benefit from the established partnerships, industry relevance, and UGC recognition. However, it is recommended to research and verify the specific partnerships, accreditation, and reputation of the partnering universities to understand the full scope of recognition both in Sri Lanka and internationally.